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Base: 100mm X75mm x 15mm / 4" X 3" X .625"
Bearing block: 25mm x 25mm x 20mm / 1" X 1" X .750"
Height: 50mm / 2"
Weight: 1.2kg / 2.64lbs

The Kent single paddle key is designed to allow each individual operator total flexibility in setting adjustment.
This is achieved partly by our own spring arrangement, which allows independent left and right spring tensions with finger tip adjustment.
Also the use of precision made contact screws with instrument knurled heads and locking nuts to allow for precise and positive gap setting. The smooth operation of the key is due to the high quality shielded ball race bearing, not found in any other key of this type.
All machined parts are manufactured by ourselves from solid brass and mounted on a powder coated heavy steel base for stability.
This key is available assembled or in kit form, the kit taking less than one hour to assemble. See the kit details HERE

The key is also available as a SELF ASSEMBLY KIT

Need a part for your Kent Morse key? SPARE PARTS

Price: £98.50 GBP + VAT in the UK and European Union

Shipping: UK 8.00 / European Union and Europe 12.70 / World wide £21.60

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The Dayton HamVention
Dayton , Oh. USA
Booth BA0440
May 20 - 22 2016


HamRadio Friedrichshafen Germany
Stand A1-120
June 24 - 26 2016

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