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Operating instructions

STEP/TUNE The STEP / TUNE button has two functions. When pressed momentarily steps through the three menu options indicated by the flashing LED, but if pressed and held for 2 seconds a 10 second constant output is given for TX tuning. This timed output can be stopped at any time by pressing the dot paddle on the key.

WEIGHTING The dash length can be increased in steps of 5% up to a maximum of 75% by pressing PLAY/SELECT and then shortened by pressing RECORD/DESELECT. A long tone will be heard when the maximum and minimum values are reached.

PADDLE REVERSE To reverse the paddle sense step to paddle reverse on the menu-using STEP then press SELECTS. To resume original paddle sense press DESELECTS.

IAMBIC The dot and the dash memories can be switched off by stepping to IAMBIC on the menu and then pressing SELECT, DESELECT switches the dot and dash memories back on.

AUDIO Both volume and pitch are adjustable, the pitch being controlled via an internal preset.
STEP/TUNE After applying power select the desired weighting, paddle sense and iambic function as described for the standard keyer, note the tune function is only available at the WEIGHTING, PADDLE REVERSE or IAMBIC positions on the menu. Momentary pressing the STEP / TUNE at the iambic position takes you to the first memory position indicated by the flashing LED, pressing STEP / TUNE now, only steps through the memories. To return to the weighting position on the menu press and hold STEP / TUNE until a short tone is heard.

LOADING MEMORIES Each of the 4 memories can be loaded with up to approximately 100 characters and 2 pauses. The pauses are used to insert a stop during memory play to enable the operator to manually insert variable information such as call signs or signal reports. First select the memory to be loaded using STEP then press RECORD the LED will flash quicker. Enter your message from the key, momentarily pressing STEP to insert a pause if needed, up to 2 pauses per memory

PLAYING MEMORIES Select the to be played using STEP then press PLAY, while playing the speed can be altered by using the speed control. The play sequence will continue to the end of the recorded message or until a pre-programmed pause is reached indicated by the memory LED together with the memory detect LED flashing. The key is operational during a pause to enable manual insertion of variable information and then resume playing the memory by pressing PLAY. At any time when the memory is playing pressing the dot paddle on the key will cancel the play sequence.

LOOP To loop the memory press PLAY then RECORD. The loop function enables a selected memory to be played continuously pausing for a pre-programmed time delay at the end before starting to repeat the message. The time delay programmed in from the key at the time of recording the message can be altered without having to rerecord the message. This is done by pressing RECORD, waiting for the fast flashing LED then without pressing the key press RECORD again and wait till the LED is on constantly. At this point enter the new time delay from the dot paddle of the key, remembering each press represents 1-second delay. When complete press RECORD again and the memory LED returns to a slow flash.

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