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Twin paddle key kit contents and assembly
1 pre-assembled bearing block assembly
consisting of A to F:



  1 bearing block
4 ball race bearings
2 contact arms
2 steel pivot pins
2 3mm grub screws

2 brass contact screws
2 knurled locking nuts
2 spring tension nuts
2 springs
2 contact adjusting pillars

1 steel base
2 plastic paddles
2 knurled spring adjusting nuts
4 plastic insulators
2 long 4mm screws
3 long 3mm screws
4 short 3mm screws
4 2.5mm screws
2 3mm grub screws
1 short 4mm screw
3 3mm washers
2 4mm washers
4 rubber feet
1 length of 3 core cable
2 4mm solder tags
1 3mm solder tag
1 cable clamp
1 Allen key


Read all the instructions before starting the assembly and refer to the diagram during the assembly of your Morse key.

1. On the bearing block assembly fit the two plastic paddles (M) using the four 2.5mm screws. Note which way up the bearing block mounts onto the steel base, using the three mounting holes in the bearing block. The plastic paddles can be fitted pointing either up or as in the diagram, down.

2. Fit the two spring tension studs (I) by inserting them into the holes in the back of the bearing block so that the threaded part passes through the contact arm (C). Lightly secure using the two 3mm grub screws in the two top holes in the bearing block using the allen key supplied.

3. Fit the two springs (J) over the adjusting studs, retaining them with the spring adjuster nuts (N).

4. Slacken each of the 3mm grub screws in turn and adjust the spring tension studs back and forth until the two paddle arms come out from the bearing block square and are parallel to each other. When the correct position has been reached tighten the two grub screws.

5. On the base fit the four rubber feet using the four short 3mm screws.

6. Using the three long 3mm screws, washers and the 3mm solder tag fit the bearing block to the base. The solder tag should be fitted to the centre screw.

7. Loosely fit the two contact adjusting pillars (K) with the four insulators (0) using the two 4mm screws having first placed washers and solder tags under the screw heads.

8. Fit the two contact screws (G) together with knurled locking nuts (H) into the contact pillars (K). Adjust the contact assemblies on each side to align the contacts and finally tighten the two 4mm screws.

9. Using the cable clamp and the short 4mm screw secure the cable to the base. Connect each of the three cores of the cable to each of the three solder tags.


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