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A child's fascination as a puppet comes to life is almost magical!


Hi. my name is Andrea and I would like to introduce you to my magical world of hand puppets.
I started to make knitted puppets for my sons as an alternative to to the overwhelming number of computer and electronic games, now my sons are too old to play with hand puppets, but my love for my "wool children" and my love of knitting are still alive. Why shouldn't other children  have the pleasure and  enjoyment my sons had from my puppets.


Coming soon, see some of the new rang of hand knitted dolls HERE

My knitted hand puppets have also been used in many Theatre performances in Germany and make ideal presents for all ages, see my Bride and Groom puppets. My three sons always give me new design ideas and encouragement so I can make a large range of different dolls. Some of the puppets like Kasper, Seppl, Struwwelpeter and Pumuckel are typically German, while others such as Punch and Judy are known world wide.
Each doll is completely hand-made and unique, therefore they do vary in colors.

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